Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. (DILA) was established in 1982. DILA offers a variety of services, including employment support, residential support, information and referral, interpreter referral services and communication resources, for Eastern Shore residents that are deaf or hard of hearing and have a developmental disability. Above all DILA strives to promote active, independent living among the people we serve.


Community Connector. We cultivate relationships and actively participate in the community to access needed resources and we help each person get involved and create their own supportive networks of friends, colleagues, and families.

Individual Supporter. We strive to figure out what every person wants, needs and dreams. Then, we work tirelessly to do "the right thing" and offer the best support possible to help each person create a life of their choosing.

Independence Broker. We appreciate each person's self-worth and right to determine the path and direction of their life.

Joy Maker. We have fun with a "can do" infectious team spirit.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Why we do what we do the way we do it: The approach of DILA is rooted in underlying beliefs about respect for each person and appreciation for the uniqueness of each person. These beliefs guide our work.