Welcome to Deaf Independent Living Association's (DILA) website. Our website is designed to provide information about the many wonderful programs and services available to deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their family and friends living on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. DILA is a non-profit organization servicing the deaf and hearing loss community by offering residential, community, supported employment and competitive employment services as well as interpreter referral services.

We also offer information and referral guidance to individuals who need help with getting their unique individual needs met. In addition, we provide links to interpreter referral services for businesses, healthcare providers and many others who serve deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Our goal is to expand community awareness about Deaf Culture, hearing loss issues and bridge the communication gap between the hearing loss and hearing communities.

We hope that by looking through our informative website, you will find us an important resource in helping you accomplish your goals. Thank you for visiting us. Please feel free to contact us at any time through email, videophone, TTY or voice phone if you need further assistance. Together, we can make the Eastern Shore a better place for all.