Supported Employment

Employment can bring much success, independence and fulfillment to the lives of those who are deaf or hard of hearing and have other disabilities. DILA’s Supported Employment Services, funded through the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration, helps eliminate many of the traditional barriers faced by individuals with various disabilities, such as hearing loss. As part of the program, trained staff members work closely with individuals in assisting them access community resources and help in maintaining meaningful employment. Services vary in intensity, depending on the person’s needs.

Job Coaching

A Job Coach will help new employees adjust to their work environment and consistently meet performance standards, we offer job coaching in the following areas:

  • Building skills, confidence and problem solving
  • Understanding specific work duties, performance standards and directions from supervisors
  • Meeting formal and informal expectations (e.g. promptness, adhering to company dress code, avoiding absenteeism)
  • Proper way to report absences or lateness
  • Understanding a paycheck (e.g. deductions, insurance plans, retirement savings)
  • Socializing with co-workers

Job Coaches continue to work with an employee to maintain successful, ongoing, competitive employment.

For Employers

DILA services also benefit employers who hire deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Benefits include:

  • Free On-the-Job Supervision
  • Fulfilling EEO Requirements
  • Tax Credits/Deductions