Internship Opportunities

The agency provides opportunities for students enrolled in a high school or college level class to gain real life experience in their field of study. An internship provides students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in their course work with real world situations. It offers the chance to work in a community agency under the supervision of qualified agency staff who will train and evaluate the students. The agency does its best to incorporate theory and practice in such a way that academic and personal growth will be enhanced. Internships are volunteer positions and students are not paid for their work.

Students are placed in positions that match their desired capabilities, based on the needs of the agency. Students are not expected to perform any duties that exceed their capacities nor will students be assigned tasks they are not capable of assuming. Management reserves the right to determine the extent of responsibilities and duties of each student and students are supervised by employees who have supervisory responsibilities. Supervisor of interns are matched with interns based on the students area of interest.

To qualify for an internship position with the agency, each student must meet the following:

  • Comply with agency policies.
  • Sign a Confidentiality Statement.
  • Show proof of being affiliated with a school and enrolled in a class that requires the internship.

Interested in an internship? Click here to download the PDF internship application to complete then return to DILA, via mail, email or fax to the following:

Attn: Human Resources
806 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21804
410-543-4874 Fax