Fall 2021 ASL Level 1 Classes


ASL Level 1 9/14-10/21, 2021

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Registration ASL Level 1

Classes are taught by a deaf instructor, students will learn about Deaf Culture and how to carry on an everyday conversation with deaf individuals.  Role playing and games designed to teach basic signs are used as tools.  By the end of class, a sampling of the skills you will learn are:  Manual Alphabet, numbers, introducing yourself and exchanging personal information.

All classes held at Deaf Independent Living Association, 806 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, Maryland.

Social distancing will be followed as well as masks for unvaccinated students required. Temperature check done prior to start of class.  Maximum class size is 20 people.

Click here to Register: https://dila.org/events/fall-2021-asl-level-1-classes/